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Procesos industriales | Smart Automation Technology

Collaborative robots / cobots (universal robots):

Our family of collaborative robots offers five different payload options: 3, 5, 12.5, 16, and 20 kg, allowing for a wide variety of applications. With six degrees of freedom, incredible flexibility, and easy integration into existing production environments, our collaborative robots are designed to do more. We help you select the collaborative robotic arm that best suits your needs.

Automatización de máquinas | Smart Automation Technology

MOBILE ROBOTS (MIR) - Mobile Industrial Robots:

Internal transportation and material handling play a crucial role in logistics success.


The autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) from MiR optimize these workflows smoothly. MiR robots help optimize your internal logistics and take on monotonous and long tasks, freeing up employees to focus on higher-value work.

Automatización de máquinas | Smart Automation Technology
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