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Automatización de máquinas | Smart Automation Technology

Our company

We are a company with 10 years in the market, born in response to the growing needs for innovation and increased efficiency in the industrial sector. We offer alternatives in technological development, practical solutions according to the needs of each client, and are backed by brands of excellent quality that provide a package of solutions accessible to all.

Automatización de máquinas | Smart Automation Technology
Automatización de máquinas | Smart Automation Technology


SMART AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY is an organization that provides technological solutions to industry, focusing on the efficiency and improvement of different production chains. We have qualified personnel for the execution of technology-based projects and the provision of engineering services, development, implementation, training, and commercialization of various automation, control, and industrial instrumentation architectures.

Procesos industriales | Smart Automation Technology



By 2028, SMART AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY will not only continue to be recognized as a leader in the industrial Automation and Control sector in Colombia and South America, but also internationally under the following aspects:

  • Recognition of our brand, both nationally and internationally, as an organization that provides high-value technological solutions.

  • Strategic alliances with our technological suppliers and partners, offering strong, flexible, and effective solutions that provide cutting-edge technology and services at a national and international level.

  • Corporate image as a pioneering organization in the implementation of new technologies, continuous development of industry solutions, and internal processes that ensure long-term sustainability.

  • Generating profitability for our clients, shareholders, employees, and our country.

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