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Energy efficiency


LOVATO Electric introduces 2 new and important solutions for energy management: a new generation of network analyzers with a wide-screen color LCD display and EASY-BRANCH, the innovative multi-circuit measurement system designed for quick and easy wiring of electrical panels with multiple measuring points. These 2 new solutions represent a new approach to energy management: a fully connected, centralized, and highly simplified system.

Our energy efficiency products are a monitoring and power analysis solution with a professional, flexible, and integrated approach from an Industry4.0 perspective. Thanks to LOVATO’s Electric measuring devices equipped with communication ports and through the web-based supervision platform, enable to monitor real-time measurements, view graphs, receive alarms, export custom reports, and perform commands and adjustments

Our main products:

  • DME Energy meters

  • DMG Multimeters and network analyzers

  • wide-screen and CT power analyzers


The heart of the system is the new series of DMG network analyzers. The large panoramic color LCD screen (4.3") ensures a clear and readable display of network analysis parameters, while maintaining the classic punch template (92x92 mm) to ensure perfect compatibility with standard front panel solutions. Measurements are displayed as waveform graphs, polar diagrams, and harmonics up to the 63rd order, providing everything needed to analyze the system's condition.


The DMG network analyzers are primarily designed for network analysis, but accessories can be added to allow them to measure parameters for numerous loads, using quick and simple wiring.

In industrial and commercial applications, installing a system to monitor parameters for multiple loads in an electrical panel is often a complex and laborious task.

The conventional solution involved installing a measurement device for each load in the field, resulting in difficult, complex, and slow wiring, as well as occupying a considerable amount of space in the panel.

LOVATO Electric now offers a completely new power measurement system that is innovative, accurate, and much simpler than the conventional approach by sharing voltage measurement and relocating current measurements close to the actual loads. This is EASY-BRANCH, LOVATO ‘S Electric multi-circuit measurement system, a true revolution in the field of power monitoring.

With a single point of data access and current measurement modules installed below the loads, the EASY-BRANCH system offers numerous benefits:

SIMPLE: The system is composed of a small number of components added to the network analyzer, such as the EXS0000 communication bus module, current measurement modules EXS4..., EXS1..., EXS3..., electronic or conventional /5A or /1A current transformers. This means that the system can handle up to 33 three-phase measurement points or 99 single-phase measurement points!

The current measurement modules do not require special wiring to the EASY-BRANCH bus - a standard Cat. 6 Ethernet cable is all that is needed. The system's architecture facilitates integration into any energy management system.

PLUG & PLAY: The electronic transformers EXS1... and EXS3..., thanks to their automatic recognition capability of the connected current module, eliminate the need for the installer to configure the primary side of the current transformer. An LED on the EXS4000 current measurement module lights up to confirm recognition.

FAST: For each current measurement module (EXS4000), only one cable with an RJ45 terminal needs to be connected to obtain up to 4 three-phase measurement points or 12 single-phase measurement points, each of which is connected with a cable with an RJ45 terminal. This greatly reduces the time required to connect the system.

ERROR-PROOF: Monitoring systems that use conventional measurement instruments and 12 cables connected to each three-phase measurement point are prone to wiring errors (phase sequence, voltage and current matching, direction of current transformers), resulting in incorrect electrical readings and time wasted during panel commissioning. The EASY-BRANCH system, with its RJ45 connections to electronic current transformers, is completely error-proof!

ACCURATE: The EASY-BRANCH system offers excellent measurement accuracy according to IEC/EN/BS 61557-12 and IEC/EN/BS 62053-22/23.

COMPACT: The reduced number of devices and cables used by the system allows for significant space savings in the panel.


It is evident that one of the main benefits of the EASY-BRANCH system is the ease of instrument handling. In fact, the system consists of only 4 components, as follows: 

  1. Network Analyzer (DMG7500, DMG8000, or DMG9000): Measures the electrical voltage in the panel and the input current, and displays the total measurements on the upstream line of the distribution and the electrical parameters of each monitored measurement point. The data acquired by the system can also be visualized through the integrated communication ports (RS485 or Ethernet). In the DMG8000 and DMG9000, the system measurements can be viewed using the built-in web server in the device, in addition to being stored in its internal memory to create historical trends.

  2. Expansion Modules EXS000: Used to connect and power up to 8 current modules EXS4....

  3. Current Measurement Modules:

    • The EXS4000 centralizes the measurements of the loads being monitored with electronic current transformers EXS3... (three-phase/single-phase) or EXS1... (single-phase). Each module can measure up to 4 three-phase loads, 12 single-phase loads, or a combination of both.

    • The EXS4001 offers the option to connect monitored measurement points with conventional current transformers to the EASY-BRANCH system, with each module handling up to 2 three-phase loads, 6 single-phase loads, or a combination of both.

  4. Electronic Current Transformers: The EXS1... and EXS3... are current transducers with a compact modular design that makes them ideal for installation immediately after the circuit breakers. Available for single-phase and three-phase loads, they are connected to the current measurement module EXS4000 with a pre-wired RJ45 cable (2 m), ensuring a quick and reliable connection.

All the data from the EASY-BRANCH system is available on the central energy analyzer, and through its communication port, it can also be remotely viewed in any browser (only on DMG8000 and DMG9000) using the Synergy monitoring software on a local server or through Synergy Cloud if the system includes the EXCGLA01 gateway data logger.

Thanks to its compatibility with the LOVATO Electric EXCGLA01 gateway data logger, a key component for a fully modern energy monitoring system, data acquired by field devices or environmental sensors for any type of energy vector (water, air, gas, electricity, or steam) running a compatible protocol, are not only available through the integrated web server but can also be transmitted to the LOVATO Electric Synergy monitoring software or forwarded to remote servers in suitable formats for further processing.

The new generation of DMG network analyzers, in combination with the EASY-BRANCH system, is the result of extensive research efforts carried out by LOVATO Electric to make the work of end users easier and to make energy management processes more efficient, modern, and technological. The result is an innovative system at the forefront of modern technology, a true revolution in the field of power monitoring.

Procesos industriales | Smart Automation Technology
Procesos industriales | Smart Automation Technology
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